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golf academy

golf academy

To learn golf for the first time, you have to create your own swing.

Golf is different from other sports in that posture is very important.

For that purpose, the guidance of a professional lesson professional is necessary.

It can be said that a stable posture is the beginning of golf.

You can learn golf with a golf simulator through a screen.

PROFESSIONAL LESSONS Professional guidance is not required.

You can learn while watching the screen in the program for golf lessons.

Golf videos can correct your swing posture.

Kone Golf Golf Academy Simulator is a professional lesson program for golf courses.

Kone Golf supports very excellent and cheap start-ups.

Overseas, product stability is very important when starting a business.

Kone Golf has expanded into countries around the world.

A safe and successful start-up is possible.

Our head office provides a variety of support services.

Please contact our head office for more information.

thank you.

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